918kiss game on Judi poker online

The game of Judi poker is very popular in Indonesia and is also known as 918kiss. This is like poker but in this case, the game is played using dominoes. 918kiss which is a judi poker online can be played online with 2-6 players at a time and 28 cards are used in the game.

You can play the Judi poker online game with friends or even with social media friends to experience the excitement of 918kiss. Few facts about the game


  • It is also known as 99 domino poker and is a multiplayer game.
  • A set of double-6 dominoes are used in playing the game
  • You can avail sign up bonuses and free gifts while playing online
  • The highest score in the game can be made by getting four sixes
  • It is similar to the poker game.

Rules of the game

The deal – To start a deal each player puts some amount of real money in a pot. This money is called as ante. Each player is then given 5 tiles or cards and the remaining ones are kept in the table face down.

Play – It is similar to straight poker and each player gets to turn one after another starting with the eldest hand and moving to the left. Each player can perform one of the action —

  1. Check – A player can stay in the game without adding money to the pot using a check. It can be done only in the first round of betting.
  2. Fold – This means to drop the cards and leave the game. Now you cannot make any claim to the money in the pot.
  3. Bet – During bet, you must add money to the pot as per the agreed minimum and maximum size of the bet and this also can be done only in the first round of bet.